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What we DO


One of our driving forces is fairness, to make sure everything we do is best for everybody in our community


One of the main components of our platform is Equality which basically means that everyone has a chance, no matter who you are and background you may have, at Vitae you can make it.


A lot of effort and resources are being put in to make sure we are fully compliant with the laws and regulations. We have established a strong and robust legal department to make sure everything is done correctly.

User Privacy

Becoming a Vitae user is on invitation only, making a wild growth of users and contacts difficult. Vitae has no intention to capture nor sell data of its users.

Vitae Charity Fund

Besides giving everybody the chance for financial freedom by being active on our platform, Vitae has the intention to motivate its users to share a part of their income. The Vitae charity fund will be used to make a better world by helping the less fortunate and by supporting environmental projects.

TRUE Social Media

Are you tired of traditional social media platforms? Vitae revolutionises social media. Our platform rewards all of its users for their activity. We create opportunities for everyone.

The Community

What if a community is completely self-regulated? What if only the best quality content gains attention? What if negative messages stop spreading? Vitae gives the answers.

The Vitae community encourages sharing, networking and entrepreneurship. Vitae created the warmest and most welcoming social network on the internet. There are five main reasons why we are building a strong community.

Personal presence
Create your social network profile. Show your existence and have a voice.

Feeling safe & Secure
Offering the right environment, where you can voice your opinions and be rewarded for the actions you take on the social media page.

Love & Belonging
Connect with friends, make new friends, join & create groups, engage in conversations, share your passions & beliefs with like-minded people and feel alive. Be a proud member of the Vitae family.

Improve your self-esteem
Fulfill your desire to be respected and recognized by others. Vitae stands for mutual respect, loyalty & unity.

Become the best you
Reach your true personal potential. You love what you do & you want to be an example that motivates others. The sky isn’t even the limit

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